Understanding India, RSS and Religion Politics

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**Understanding the names India and Hindu:**

When people in India talk about Hindutva or Hindu, they are talking about the ancient term which defines 'LAND AREA' not religion! I repeat it's the LAND area the term Hindu came from the word 'Sindhu'(which is a river.. right now in Pakistan).

When Persians came to India they called people who live beyond Sindhu river by giving them the name 'Hindu land people', when Greeks came to India they said those people who are beyond Hindu river are Indus (Hindu land people became Indus) because they couldn't pronounce Hindu.

Later British came and they called Indus=India and Indian people. (it's a geographical term not religious). To fight against British all Hindus got united(Muslims, Jains and all other religions), so they started calling this unity as Hindutva, especially RSS.

Is RSS really against Muslims? Let's see.

RSS saved folks during recent Kerala flood. (Kerala has bigger Muslim population, but they got China alike communist party who controls local media and people).

Muslim wing of RSS hosted a Iftar party for Muslims

Muslims are part of RSS says an actual muslim software engineer in India. In this public video he says-

I have seen statements against RSS, videos, articles and political stuff, they project that it depends on only one religion after that I decided to join RSS to see ground reality and they said you are most welcome. when I spend 2-5months there I realized their ideology is only pro-India stuff nothing else, they don't talk about religion, caste, skin color, etc, food from every home is collected and people eat stuff with harmony, only religion of RSS is 'India first', I request people from all religion to visit RSS and see the ground reality.

RSS chief favored APJ Abdul Kalam (Who was Muslim) for president.

RSS Chief made a statement in 2018 that - Not Accepting Muslims Is Anti - Hindutva

A statement by a Muslim woman who is part of RSS wing.

In which she says -

I'm from Telangana , I feel so happy to be part of this RSS wing. I'm so happy because there isn't any kind of terror here to work freely, she says I disagree with other political parties who are projecting that RSS is bad, which is totally wrong. Here if I just give a call whole RSS brothers and sister will obey me and collect here to hear my words and follow my orders, RSS isn't a scam they are focused on development only. Long live India.

This is only small set of examples where you can see RSS is not what mainstream media projects it to be.

**Regarding Cow Politics:**

In India poor people (even Muslims) own cows not for food but because it's an economic advantage so that they can come out from poverty quickly. That's why nations like Rwanda has adopted this policy called One Cow per Poor Family Program “GIRINKA”. There is a heaven for cows is run by Muslims in India. Cattle smuggling problem starts when these smugglers with no religion steal cattle(because it's a quick buck) even from Muslims! This illegal/smuggling trade is at-least a Rs 5000 crore industry according to official figures.

When you read about Cattle Theft issue, the kind of stuff is branded with religions because it helps local politicians. (the good old divide and rule technique).

**Understanding who is benefiting from misinformation:**

It all started when British used Jinnah(First PM of Pakistan) as a proxy and divided India into two nations (India and Pakistan).

Before Bangladesh liberation, West Pakistani people(especially Pakistani-Punjabis) were dominating in East Pakistan in terms of political and army power. We all know how much inhumane crimes they did in Bangladesh especially 1971 Bangladesh genocide and Rape during the Bangladesh Liberation War which led to Bangladesh Liberation War. And American indirect support for this genocide, remember Blood Telegram?

India helped victims of the Bangladesh genocide during this war and Pakistan lost the war. When Pakistan lost all 4 wars against India since 1947, they started projecting themselves as true Muslims and created this proxy war doctrine called Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts.

Pakistan can inflict conflicts within India because the Pak army owns everything including Government. Pak's ISI and army started sending terror groups in India who targeted all religions in Kashmir. the most infamous crime was Exodus thing they tried to create a divide between the people and nation. Kashmir population declined because of this and also terror attacks kept coming from Pakistan! From a geopolitical view, Kashmir was never about people, it's about control of snow water. Pakistani govt. never build/focused on the water issue in their country so they were desperate about gaining more water supply that's why they are targeting all Kashmiris. Pak govt openly projects that they must promote false narrative by defaming 'Hindutva' term.

They even got lobbyists in the US! videos you see of stone pelters were getting paid by Pakistan thousands of army men and policemen who died were actually Muslims in the Kashmir area!

So it's clear that they are playing using religion as a political tool here. 26/11 attack showed how Indian all humans are united even though many white, Muslims died with this terrorist. The recent Pulwama attack by a Pakistan based proxy terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed took lives of many including Muslims.

Iran once said Pakistan must pay for harboring terror groups after they suffered Pakistan proxy based terrorist attacks on Iran Muslim population. A Kashmiri boy Atif Hussain who is 12year old got killed by Pakistan backed terrorism. Multiple evidences point to terror groups are spreading propaganda videos and articles online to recruit youth by brainwashing them. Pakistan shelters terror groups because they are cheap(they don't ask for a pension or salary) and they are very handy when it comes to proxy attacks. they are also waging an information war against India. If India was an anti-muslim nation, OIC would have never invited India's BJP spokesperson as their guest of honor.

India's Muslim population is about the world's second-largest who has a very positive reputation around the world because here everyone believes in harmony. Do your own research.