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What is KarnaSena and who the hell are you people?

Karna = An anti-hero legend from the Sanatana Dharma epic Mahabharatha.Sena = A Sanskrit word for "Army".KarnaSena is a group of a few Indians who want to make India a better country, who want to create a platform for pro-Indian, anti-elitist voices. One anonymous Indian, KarnaBro, created this platform. However, this project is not about one person. It's about ideas to empower India and Indians.

Whatev's YA. Why create KarnaSena? There are already many beloved platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.,

Popular social media platforms are filled with anti-Indian voices that erase essential discussions in the name of political correctness and so-called leftist ideology. We are only motivated by the idea of making India a better place. We embrace voices with goals to promote development, fight corruption and poverty, preserve the environment while utilizing natural resources, ensure national security, and foster pride among Indians.

Ahhh, Got it. You guys are Indian right wing. Right?

Unfortunately the labels right wing, left wing, liberal and conservative have different meanings and different understandings depending on the type propaganda you are exposed to all your life. So, we don't identify ourselves with any labels. However, we are against pseudo-seculars, Lutyens media, the fake-left, Hinduphobia, fake-liberals, and faux feminist ideologies. We aim to eradicate self-hatred and the inferiority complex of Indians. We are also trying to spread a positive understanding of Sanatana Dharma and eradicate common, hinduphobic misconceptions. (For those who don't understand the term "Sanatana Dharma", it is also referred to as "Hinduism" in the mainstream.)

Soooo, Are you guys Hindu Nationalists?

I'm assuming you are referring to Sanatana Dharma. The terms "Hinduism"/"Hindu"/"India" were popularized by people outside of Bharath, based on the Sindhu River. Understanding these facts, we don't mind using these artificial terms in order to get our message out. Hinduism is not a religion but is about spirituality and a way of life. Unfortunately, these elements have made Hinduism a target for authorities acting in the name of other religions or nations. Unfortunately, with the bias among global media and academia, this Hinduphobia is acceptable everywhere in the world. We discuss Hinduism as a part of Indian culture, and as a target of anti-Indian bias. India was and is always a home for anyone, regardless of their religion. As KarnaSena, we are against any religion that wants to enforce ideology on the population of India. We are not against Islam, Christianity, or any other religion. We welcome into our group anyone, Indian or not, who strives to support India, engages in critical discussion, and counter Hinduphobia and misrepresentation of India in mainstream media.

I knew it, You guys are just bunch of conspiracy theorists. Mainstream Media is awesome. How dare you say anything bad about them?

Indian political powers, mainstream media, and so-called "intellectuals" have historical roots in the British Raj that have resulted in some kind of weird disgust towards their own identity and culture. There was a reason so few Britishers were able to rule India. A few brainwashed, powerful Indian elites helped the British Empire rule over a massive nation. When the British left India in 1947, most of these same elites came to occupy powerful positions in Lutyens media and the Congress Party. Unfortunately, their reach, power, and money are unparalleled. KarnaSena is a grassroots attempt to challenge the status quo in order to make India a better place and develop pride among Indians.

Whatever YA, No one will care about you. You guys are just bunch of losers. You guys never reach popularity or mainstream and people will brand you as bad guys. All odds are stacked against you. YOU LOSE.

We are aware of that and we will stay true of our efforts to make India a better place regardless of the feedback and outcome. Hence the name KarnaSena. JAI HIND.

We are looking for people who can contribute articles to KarnaSena.com. Please contact us below if you would like to contribute.

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