Debunking propaganda against India regarding repeal of Article 370

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There has been a massive scale of propaganda happening regarding India's removal of Article 370. This post is to debunk the western media propaganda sourced from anti-India sources. The only people who are really unhappy with the new law is Pakistan and Terrorists, Three powerful families, Pakistanis and people who don't know what changed. Let me put it in simple words. I have mentioned sources for all the points I made.

Following are the laws that are changed in Jammu and Kashmir:

Before - You can marry a child in Kashmir legally and have sex with her. [Yes, Child marriage was legal there]

Now - Child marriage is illegal. There is an age limit for marriage just like anywhere else in India. [This made a lot of pedophiles angry as they won't be able to have sex with kids legally like before.]

Before - If a Kashmir girl marries a person from anywhere else in India, she will immediately lose all her properties in Kashmir. It means she will no longer be the owner of her own house and land. Also, her children can't inherit any properties and they cannot even get admission in the educational institutes of Kashmir. This practically means they are systematically banished from Kashmir forever.

Now - No matter who a Kashmiri girl marries, she will get to keep her own properties. [This made several people angry that now girls also have right to property]

Before - Poorest people and low caste discriminated people do not have any protection laws or reservation or scholarship while all other states of India had this.

Now - Poorest people and lower caste discriminated people will get very strong protection laws and reservation and scholarships. [This made landlord like people angry as they will no longer be able to legally abuse their servants[read slaves]]

Before - A man can divorce his wife by just saying three words "Talak Talak Talak" and wife will not get any maintenance money called Triple Talak. [This usually means the wife will be homeless with nowhere to go and no income to survive. Many women were living as wives even under torture by their husbands in fear what will happen if her husband says these three words.]

Now - Divorce by "Talak Talak Talak" is a punishable offense, and alimony laws apply. [This made old-minded men and bad husbands angry that their wives now have rights and is no longer their dependent slave]

Before - The politics in J&K revolved around 3 families holding all the power. Think like the "Lords" in Game of thrones. These three families live like kings looting all money. Corruption was at the highest.

Now - The domination by these 3 families are gone, and ground-level new leaders can emerge. New Anti-corruption laws apply. [This made these 3 families with a net worth in billions of dollars angry that they will be under probe of anti-corruption laws]

Before - If a person becomes the chief minister of Kashmir, It is legally required to make a multi-million dollar bungalow at posh locality plus maintenance plus luxury car plus dozens of servants. All expense to be paid by the taxpayer of course. And, this person gets to keep all these things for the entire lifetime. Over $10million was spent for "renovation of bungalow" by the previous chief minister in the last couple of years.

Now - Chief Minister will not get such special benefits. They will have to vacate their official residence once they are not in power. And, these previous chief ministers may be asked to give-back these ill-earned properties. [These people are angry that they will lose their $50million+ worth bungalows and other benefits. All the chief ministers were from the three families I mentioned above, and they were the one who made this law that they should get bungalows]

Before - There were no laws protecting the minorities in J&K. This lead to the minorities being forced out of their own homes by the majority group over the past few decades. These majority people did a genocide of minorities in 1990s and 80s leading to the minorities having to flee for their life.

Now - Minority protection laws apply. [Some majority group is angry that minorities now have rights]

Before - Homosexuality is illegal and banned.

Now - LGBT laws protect Homosexual people. [Religious people are angry that homosexuality is being legalized]

Before - Over 100,000 people whose ancestors migrated from Pakistan to J&k state of India in 1947 did not have voting rights till now. They were practically stateless. People migrated to any other state in India has full voting rights, but not for people who migrated to J&K.

Now - Everyone has voting rights. The democratic rights of a person in Kashmir is the same as the person in India's capital Delhi. [Some politicians are angry that their lopsided discriminatory politics will no longer work and may backfire because of these people getting voting rights.]

Before - People of J&K can buy land/do-business/study/settle anywhere in India, but people of India can't buy land in J&K. This lead to no businesses being able to invest in J&K thus it remained under-developed while rest of India progressed. The biggest employer in J&K is the government itself as there is no way to start businesses, thus no employment. There was also no private hospitals, no good educational facilities etc.

Now - Both people of J&K and people of rest of India can buy land/do-business/study/settle anywhere in India including J&K. A lot of companies have already promised investment in J&K. A lot of big educational institutions are coming up. Two cities of J&K are getting Metro-trains for easy transportation. This will give a lot of employment and bring people out of poverty...

Before - Kashmiri children did not have the right to education. Only the rich get educated, others remain poor and illiterate forever.

Now - Right to education is a right of every child. No matter if they are poor or not, they get access to education. It is compulsory by law for the government to give education opportunities to each and every child. If a child is poor, he/she gets free education.

We are talking about over 500 such barbaric laws which will be gone with the removal of 370. I have only mentioned a few important ones over here, so now you can get an idea on how gigantic this change is. There are powerful people who are unhappy with this as it takes away their power, thus they will do whatever it takes to stop this change.

As a precautionary measure, a lot of police personal from around India was sent to Kashmir to maintain peace knowing very well that terrorists, Pakistani army and these politically powerful people will definitely try to disrupt peace.

Regarding communication blackout, that is the standard policy applied to all places which have chances of peace-disruption due to people misusing it to create violence using fake-news and instant-reaction without thinking rationally. In the previous year itself, at two places in India, the same policy was applied. That is, one during Jat Riots in Haryana{Near Delhi} and Sterlite Protest in Tamil Nadu[Southern India]. In the case of Kashmir, communication blackout of as long as 4 months has happened in 2010 after a terrorist attack. This is nothing new.

Jammu and Kashmir is also a place with a lot of terrorist activities from reputed terrorist organizations including ISIS, Lashkar-e-Taiba, JEM, Osama Bin Laden etc.

There was a major terrorist attack this February itself which killed a lot of people. Taking precautions during such major change is necessary, the alternative is that hundreds of people will die.

So, I suggest everyone to think it through on what they think is important. In my opinion, this is the best thing that has happened in J&K. This will bring lot of stability, investment and development. There is a risk of terrorist strikes, even Pakistan's Prime Minister has hinted it.