A fundamental flaw of today

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The so-called liberals are trying to fight on a fundamental flaw, which forces them into various sorts of logical contradictions, contortions, and hypocrisies.

One of the driving or purported core ideologies of liberals around the world is to fight, break and reverse various forms of social injustice in any society. In certain settings, their focus is on hierarchical social injustice, which alludes to the injustice done to “lower level” communities or groups (i.e. those who have been marginalized, oppressed or discriminated against) in a given societal structure, for example, the case of the “caste system” in India.

In the US and Western contexts, it is the black, Hispanic, immigrant, migrant, and more recently Muslim, communities, usually collectively referred to as "minorities", that these so-called liberals aim to fight for. But, in their fight for intended social upliftment of the chosen “Victim” group(s), the so-called liberals and lefties choose and designate another group or groups, which can be called the Designated “Villain” group(s), to train their guns against.

They need this other designated “villain” community for the political purposes: they scapegoat, vilify and demonize that community, and thus agitate and stir the emotions in the people of the designated “victim” community for political support and votes. In western countries, the so-called liberals target people of white ethnicity (i.e. people of European origin) on the premise that there has been a history of whites subjecting blacks to institutional slavery and racism.

But, it should be noted that, the so-called liberals in the west conveniently forget that Jews (and Christians, polytheists, etc.) have historically faced severe coercion, oppression and brutalization at the hands of Muslims (beginning with Muhammad's own conquests against the Jews that lived in the Arabian peninsula at that time) and continue to be targets of hatred and violence by radical Muslims, Islamists and Jihadists even today. The so-called liberals never raise voice against that hatred, as they have come to designate Muslims, and not Jews, as a “victim” group (in fact, the more radicalized so-called liberals brand Jews as a “villain” group in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, but that's a topic of discussion for another day.)

And so, when it comes to India, the so-called liberals, who just copy the ideas from the west and try to replicate here without understanding the culture and history, chose SC/ST/Muslims as the “victim” groups to appease. While it may be true that people belonging to some scheduled castes have historically been treated as untouchables and were oppressed socio-economically (and that was the basis to establish the reservation system in India), the problem lies with whom they chose as the “villain” community to fight against (with a hidden agenda to divide Hindus). They chose to make upper caste communities as their targets and particularly the Brahmins. As per them, Brahmins were the ones who created this social structure and oppressed the SC/ST community. So, this article is to talk about the problem with the so-called liberals’ fundamental choice problem and why many people in India are not ready to buy this argument (including a majority of people from SC/ST communities).

As we all know, India was ruled by foreigners for more than 1000 years. First by the Islamic invaders and then by the European/Christian colonizers. As part of the aftermath of any successful invasion, the first thing that victorious rulers try to do is to destroy the existing culture, traditions, religion, and history, or at least radically reshape them to suit their own purposes. This is exactly what was done to India in the last 1000+ years: they destroyed the institutions, temples, religious and social structures, and culture. As part of this, they committed genocidal killings in India, which is the reason for the core hatred that people hold against those rulers. They killed millions of Indians from all the castes. But their main target was the Brahmins because Brahmins were known to carry Hinduism from generations to generations. Here, when I say Brahmins, I don’t mean a community, but I mean the people who were learned (in the Vedas, Upanishads, etc. or Hindu religion), and who were steeped in Hindu traditions, and who passed that heritage down the generations.

The invaders, conquerors, and their savage armies killed yogis and sanyasis, they burnt all the scriptures they could lay their hands on, demolished any temples in their path, and tried to make extinct the history, the valuable intellectual and ancestral assets of our civilization. This is the reason why today's India has become disconnected with our ancient civilization that once thrived in India and also spread its wonderful fruits (such as mathematics, languages, scripts, metallurgical and other technologies, and culinary gifts) to the entire world. Which also raises various questions regarding the accuracy of the history of oppression as is presented in today's textbooks and other accounts. The Britishers used various forms of propaganda to cast India in a bad light, turning non-issues into issues, and vice versa. Thus, there is great confusion in India of the actual factual events that took place, and even bigger confusion when so-called liberals start using distorted versions of history.

The Brahmins were killed in mass numbers, and it was very targeted torture and killing: one glaring example is the famous genocide of Brahmins in Goa by Portuguese Christian inquisitors. It is these kinds of examples that make it difficult for the people of India to accept the narratives of these so-called liberals. They, in their agenda, to spread their narrative, not only targeted the Brahmins, but also sided with the same Islamists and Christianists who did all this to our great civilization and who still are determined to wipe out Hinduism from subcontinent (be it Ghazwa-e-hind or Pope's call to convert 1 billion in South Asia).

Thus, the so-called liberals are trying to fight on a fundamental flaw, which forces them into various sorts of logical contradictions, contortions, and hypocrisies. The cover photo, which also consists the tweet by Congress party, summarizes the so-called liberals’ actual agenda and vision (the painting on the left describes how our monks were boiled alive to their death).