How a Pakistani/Islamic Lobby took over Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign sabotaging his aspirations

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Failed to learn lessons from Jeremy Corbyn, How Bernie Sanders sabotaged his 2020 Presidential Campaign by committing the grave mistake of mixing politics with religion and flawed foreign policy contributing to breach of trust of American voters.


In 2015, Bernie started his presidential campaign as an underdog against the Queen of democratic party Hillary Clinton. He ran a great campaign focusing on working-class regardless of religion and race focusing on economic issues raising record-breaking donations from average Americans.

Eventually, due to DNC and media bias and rigging of the process, Bernie lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump eventually won the 2016 elections.

However, Bernie started a new chapter in American politics with his progressive movement. This is similar to the 2012 "Tea Party" movement in the republican party where there was a drastic change in republican voting eventually leading to Donald Trump's presidency. One could've thought Bernie's progressive movement will lead to a similar shift within Democratic Party especially with AOC's upset win against Democratic Party's top dog Joe Crowley. Bernie was favorite to win the 2020 Democratic nomination until before Super Tuesday. However Super Tuesday resulted in Joe Biden sudden surge ahead of Bernie where establishment coalescing around him, while Bernie Sanders left far behind as Elizabeth warren peeling his support further. What went wrong?

Bernie Sanders lost the 2016 democratic nomination mainly because of a lack of African American support. The common-sense approach is to appeal to African Americans who are disenfranchised with various social and economic issues. While identity politics do not work effectively in elections, showing African Americans that their systemic disadvantages can be overcome with his policies could've been proven beneficial to Bernie Sanders. Instead, Bernie Sanders campaign chooses the worst way of identity politics, the one that's namesake, resource-consuming, nominal pro-Islamic platitudes. What these results into you may ask. This would result in millions of working-class Christian Americans, millions of Jewish Americans, hundreds of thousands of Hindu Americans, who supported Bernie Sanders while being okay with Bernie's non-polarizing 2016 policies, notice Sanders sudden shift towards pro-Islam agenda. They just find themselves in doubt of Bernie Sanders capability fighting for the economic issues regardless of race and religion because of his decisions. This poses a grave danger of breach of trust towards a political candidate.

Trust, which is the reason why any politician can win an election. Which lack thereof can also bring down mammoth of a campaign. One example is a grassroots event in July 2015 by an Indian American Bernie's campaign event which attracted 100,000 participants essentially kick-starting his movement from nobody to recognizable candidate. You'll be hard-pressed to find that kind of fresh enthusiasm today. Even where Bernie won the primaries, it is very noticeable that he wins at a lesser margin and percentage even though overall participation is high. Bernie Sanders, while facing opposition of establishment and DNC, he shouldn't have let any compromise of his message occur. This article examines what went wrong for Bernie Sanders campaign in 2020.

Take over of Bernie's progressive movement and Presidential campaign by Islamic/Pakistani lobby:

While Bernie Faces opposition from DNC and establishment, he still was successful in his efforts as the majority of Americans trusted him as he was good at domestic policies. While foreign policy is always Bernie's Achilles Heel, it had minimal impact in 2016 as he was focusing his domestic policies as the center of his movement.

However, there was an interesting dynamic of Arab Muslims from Michigan and Minnesota showing interest in Bernie Sanders partly because of his views on Israel-Palestine and endorsement of Keith Ellison. Qatar's state-owned media Al Jazeera did its part warning Muslims to not vote for Hillary and openly endorsing Bernie Sanders as a choice for Muslims.

After the failed campaign in 2016, the planning stages for making progressive movement permanent one and Bernie's 2020 presidential bid has begun.

Sometime in 2017, Bernie Sanders and his associates made a grave mistake of miscalculating this phenomenon as a way to consolidate all Muslim American voters to support him. This comes at a time, Saudi Wahhabi funding in the United States is in full swing and Islamic lobby is now a well-oiled machine ready for prime-time waiting for the right opportunity to seize political power in the United States. A record number of Muslim Americans ran for office in 2018 enjoying endorsement and support from Bernie Sanders, "Our Revolution" and "Justice Democrats".

With the success of 2018 midterms especially with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib elections, the underlying sentiment that Muslim voter consolidation would help Bernie Sanders campaign gets validated. Decisions were made, campaign staffing has begun and ground-level organization is underway. The only problem is Michigan and Minnesota has highest concentration Arab Muslims and this trend would not necessarily hold true across United States. This decision later would result into shenanigans that further contributed to loss of millions of Indian American and Jewish American votes who traditionally vote democrats.

As if it's match made in heaven, Pakistan was already in full swing in hiring lobby firms in order get more influence in American politics especially with FATF decision to place Pakistan in "grey-list" with irrefutable evidence that Pakistan is harboring terrorists as a weapon against India and countering growing influence of India within the United States. Bernie Sanders campaign is the perfect vehicle to achieve its goals. Enter 2020 Bernie's Presidential campaign manager - Faiz Shakir.

The curious case of Faiz Shakir:

Jeff Weaver, 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign manager did a phenomenal job of closing 60 points with Hillary Clinton. That's a great feat considering Bernie Sanders, an unknown independent senator from Vermont with virtually no name recognition. Jeff is a close friend of Bernie Sanders for decades who is also ideologically similar to Bernie Sanders.

However, Faiz Shakir was appointed as campaign manager in February 2019 to lead 2020 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. This came as surprise as Faiz Shakir was part of the same establishment Bernie has been fighting all his life. Faiz started his career as a junior staffer for John Kerry presidential campaign in 2004. In 2005 he started working for the Center for American Progress for over a decade which is an establishment organization led by Neera Tanden. In addition to that, he was a close associate of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Faiz was also ardent supporter and part of Hillary Clinton campaign in both 2008 and 2016 primaries. So how this establishment insider has become 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign manager? A dishonest alliance between Progressive movement and Islamic/Pakistani lobby trying to achieve it's foreign policy goals.

Faiz Shakir's goal was to build to an Islamic campaign according to his own Wikileaks email. Bernie Sanders campaign was the perfect opportunity for allowing him to do so. This was further documented in another Wikileaks email below.

Faiz Islamic Campaign

Faiz Shakir, a first-generation Pakistani American is a Muslim-advocate in the United States. He mostly gets positive press because he was part of establishment think-tanks like Center for American Progress and his media called ThinkProgress. He is often seen as an inspiring figure by the left referring to him as a "civil rights advocate" as he is National Political Director for ACLU. Ironically he got the job through a recommendation from John Podesta but not by merits, according to leaked Wikileaks email below.

Faiz John Podesta Recommendation

Ironically Faiz Shakir's wife Sarah Miller is part of network of Pierre Omidyar, former eBay billionaire, media mogul, who deserves his own article. In short, he likes Neo Nazis and loves conflicts around the world.

He was also seen mocking Bernie Sanders for his ideology like -

"yeah, my favorite part is how he connects is to "billionaire families" in the Arab world. Always goes back to the billionaires. Hilarious. It sounds a bit too much like "our war in Syria and Iraq is ultimately a battle to reshape Islam". We'd lose that one. But I like the direction he's going. Maybe you could one-up him with: "ISIS is trying to behead Islam" (kidding, don't do that)"

Faiz mocking Bernie

So how was Bernie Sanders taken for a ride and fooled into hiring Faiz Shakir? The answer lies in as much as Bernie Sanders is against lobby-ism, he was part of the game where he failed to realize lobby-ism exists in the progressive spectrum as well. Pakistan Intelligence agency secretly funnels millions of dollars to political leaders indirectly, like the shocking incident in 2018 where Federal agents took prominent Pakistani American into custody over proven illegal funneled lobbies over Kashmir policy.

Regarding Faiz Shakir's history, In 2002 he earned a bachelor’s degree in government at Harvard University, where he was a member of the Harvard Islamic Society (HIS). In 2000, Shakir served as a co-chair for HIS’s Islamic Awareness Week events, one of which was a fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a group that acted as the fundraising arm for Hamas in the United States. HLF was later shut down by the feds, and its leaders were found guilty of sending money to Hamas, which has been designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. Department of States.

Shakir co-authored the “Fear Inc.” report, which implicitly claimed that Islamophobia was the product of a Jewish conspiracy, and wrote positively about the Tunisian Islamist Al-Nahda Party and its genocidal head, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, who has engaged in blatant anti-Semitism and has said, “There are no civilians in Israel. The population—males, females, and children—are the army reserve soldiers, and thus can be killed.”

Fatal Downward spiral of Bernie's campaign:

Linda Sarsour's surrogate appointment:

The red flag of controversial Sharia Law proponent Linda Sarsour surely made several progressives scratch their heads, but her comments like "waging jihad against the United States" never raised eyebrows in Bernie's Campaign. In 2011 she famously mocked Islamic female genital mutilation victim - Ayaan Hirsi Ali that "She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away- they don’t deserve to be women". She is a strong proponent and open advocate of Sharia law. She is so controversial that even women's march cut ties with her due to her anti-semite/radical Islam views and close ties with the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Matt Duss's foreign-policy advisor appointment:

Matt Duss like Faiz Shakir comes from the family of Center for American Progress and ThinkProgress, it is widely believed that Faiz Shakir is the reason why he was pulled into Bernie Sanders campaign.

Matt Duss is everything opposite to what Bernie Sanders stands for, he is a strong proponent for RussiaGate, a debunked theory democrats failed to materialize. Matt Duss is the reason Bernie Sanders engages in out of place narrative that Russia hacked 2016 elections which ironically used against him now. He scripted Bernie Sanders foreign policy from Venezuela to Russia.

Bernie Sanders abrupt affiliation and appearances with "Islamic Society of North America" (ISNA):

Founded by Muslim student organizations tightly linked to Muslim brotherhood in 1963, Bernie Sanders began supporting these conventions starting from 2017 and even attended for a speech in 2019.

But Karnabro, you are just being an islamophobe, what's wrong with attending Islamic convention? A normie reader might ask.

I have no problem with Islamic conventions, but Bernie Sanders being champion of LGBT rights giving validation to the organization who banned LGBT groups as recently as in 2017 on the grounds of "religious and private event" is what I have problem with. He also took the opportunity to share his second-hand ill-advised opinion on India-Pakistan Kashmir issue, sharing the stage with Pakistan's PM Imran Khan. Faiz Shakir used his connections to make the coalition of Pakistan's PM Imran Khan and Bernie Sanders happen, especially in the sensitive Kashmir Issue. Ironically the issue where Kashmir was integrated into India protecting LGBT rights and minorities by removing autonomous existing sharia law rules.

Bernie's abrupt change in foreign policy outlook regarding India and Kashmir:

Bernie Sanders. who never spoke about India-Pakistan's Kashmir issue in his entire career in started putting out narratives about how Kashmir is should be freed from India failing to understand the complex history of the issue that originated in 1947. His comments consistently criticized India's decision to integrate Kashmir under Indian law from status-quo Sharia law. This is an uncharted territory where a US presidential candidate interfering with a sovereign democratic country's internal issues which are India's, especially when they are based on flawed and misguided arguments. The final nail in the coffin for any Indian-American support happened just before Super Tuesday where Bernie Sanders weighed in violent Delhi riots which were orchestrated by Indian Muslims, where the riots led to the majority of casualties who are Indian Hindus. The grave mistake committed by Bernie Sanders is that he tweeted this below. Ironically the article he tagged doesn't mention that it's "anti-Muslim mob violence" as the fact is that it's anti-Hindu mob violence where the majority of Hindus were killed including an Indian Federal intelligence officer who was stabbed 200 times.

Bernie Fake News

There is a reason why historically presidential candidates don't indulge in polarizing foreign policy, especially in the areas where they are not knowledgeable. There is a reason why Obama had bromance with Modi in 2015. Modi is a popular leader who Indian establishment/media hates, but ultimately loved majority of Indians because of his progressive policies.

Read more about Modi.

Bernie Campaign's Collusion with Pakistani establishment and government:

Bernie Sanders who indulged in Russiagate in the past, found himself to be in similar position except, the collusion is now between Bernie's campaign and Pakistan.

Bernie Sanders and Pakistan's PM Imran Khan shared the same stage in 2019 ISNA convention sharing identical views on India's internal issues like Kashmir.

During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Houston, Bernie Sanders personally took some time off in order to write an oped about India in Houston Chronicle, a stunt which surprised many as Bernie choose to write an oped regarding Indian Foreign Policy instead of opeds that explain his policies to American voters. This is a blunder in a presidential campaign in modern history, as Bernie who was favorite to win Texas managed to lose the primary to Joe Biden. Considering Modi's event in Houston attracted 50000 audience, probably the best way to lose hundreds of thousands of Indian American votes in order to appease a foreign government, Pakistan. Thanks to Faiz Shakir, Bernie's campaign manager getting the priorities straight.

Following is one of thousands of pro Bernie banners that one can find in Pakistan, promoted by Pakistan's government. One can understand why cash strapped Pakistani government choosing to spend on behalf of Bernie Sanders campaign in Islamabad, Pakistan. Once again, thanks to Faiz Shakir.

Faiz Shakir and Sarah Miller

Bernie Sanders campaign's coordinated attack on Tulsi Gabbard:

Tulsi Gabbard was an early supporter of Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. It came as surprise to Indian Americans as Bernie surrogates started coordinated attacks against beloved Tulsi Gabbard which are inherently Hinduphobic and false smears. This religious bigotry expressed by Bernie surrogates towards Tulsi Gabbard probably would not go well with millions of Indian Americans who support her.

Out of place anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani shenanigans within Bernie's campaign:

  • After the launch of Bernie's presidential campaign, there was a weird trend of campaign insiders courting fringe elements like Sameera Khan, a well known Pakistani propagandist who idolizes Stalin, Pakistan and China's fascist policies. Ironically she is popular among Bernie supporters even though she is anti-Bernie when it comes to Pakistan-China nexus.

Faiz Shakir and Sarah Miller Faiz Shakir and Sarah Miller Faiz Shakir and Sarah Miller


While Bernie Sanders and his close associates lack the critical thinking about avoiding getting taken over by Pakistani/Islamic lobby, it is unfortunate for millions of progressives that progressive movement is dead as they know it.

PS: The fatal flaw that is Anti-Indian stance of "Global Left" Solidarity:

Recently in UK elections, Jeremy Corbyn, a populist lost the election to Boris Johnson. Most political pundits agree main reasons being going against popular Brexit resolution, "global left solidarity" and alienating traditional British-Indian voting block and support with ignorant comments about Kashmir and India. Even though the Labour party later changed shift, it was too little and too late.

Why this is a big deal? Because traditionally Indian immigrants in western countries vote liberally and in general a significant donation sources for political campaigns.

"Global left solidarity" is fatally flawed as it assumes Muslims=Good and all other religions=Bad by default. But the default assumption among the global left is that India is an authoritarian country with strong man Modi oppressing Muslims and bullying noble Pakistan regarding Kashmir. According to the global left, Hindus are oppressors against Muslims and therefore Hindus=Bad.

There could be many reasons behind this strange trend. However some of the reasons could point towards Global media including BBC, The Guardian, NYTimes, Washington Post, and other media powerhouses are inherently anti-India because of India's Non-alignment regarding NATO vs Soviet paradigm historically. Compared to Pakistan, where it's treated as a non-NATO ally for the past 7 decades and enjoys more inclusion in Western politics and media. Many of these western media source their news from Indian media which itself is a propaganda arm for Congress party as the Gandhi dynasty was in power in India for the past 7 decades. So it's a very predictable trend that "Indian Man Modi Bad" echo chamber to exist. Insulting 600 million Indian voters intelligence that they should vote what "Global Left" thinks they should vote probably is not a wishful thinking.